Mite Initiation Playing Rules

Release date- 11 august 2001

4 on 4 plus goalies
New goalie each week – no player to be goalie
For consecutive weeks.

10 minute warm-up period

2 minute shifts signaled by scorers horn

Face-offs for each new shift and
After each goal.
Encourage goalies to direct puck to corner
Rather than stop play.

Fouls result in immediate substitution and loss of shift.
The bench coach will gently explain why the
Player was penalized and how he can avoid this
In the future.
Violent play will be reported to the director.

Opposing coaches will make every effort to play A’s with A’s
And B’s with B’s – this will benefit the personal
Development for all mites.

Ideally one coach from each team will referee while one coach
Tends to his bench players.

Coaches will not keep score but will encourage fun, personal
Effort and skills, and fair play. Only a very few in this
Age group and skill level will embrace teamwork so
Stay flexible on this.